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2022 elections wrap up – Great job candidates!

by on November 15, 2022

Thanks to everyone who attended the monthly meeting (11/14) for our final campaign reports and congratulations. And thanks to our special guest speaker Jim Elwood for giving us a rundown of the goings on at Liberty International.

In case you missed it, here are the final tallies for our local candidates:

CandidateOffice SoughtVote TotalPercent
Mark TippettsGovernor81,6601
Mark AshAttorney General233,0642.9
Shanna SteeleLt. Governor221,5882.8
Jamie DiezRR Commissioner238,7963
V. Alonzo Echevarria-GarzaComptroller211,5422.7
Bill KelseyUS House Dist 106,0512.4
Clark PattersonUS House Dist 376,3292.2
Steven HaskettTx Senate Dist 1457,27017.8
Tom KostTx House Dist 461,7272.8
Daniel McCarthyTx House Dist 4816,42120.4
David RobersonTx House Dist 491,7672.1
Ted BrownTx House Dist 501,3922.9

Elsewhere in the state, in many cases the Libertarian candidates scored over 25%, and a fair few over 30%! Not only that but in at least one case we actually beat the major party candidate’s totals from the last election. Check out the 2022 totals for Tx House District 57 out around Lufkin:

RepRichard Hayes (R)6539,872
LibDarren Hamilton (L)34.721,188

Now have a look at 2020:

Trent Ashby (R)8053,930
Jason Rogers (D)20.513,946

We got 50% more votes for our Libertarian candidate than Democrat did for theirs two years prior!

In other races around the state we also showed improvement vs our own efforts 2 years ago:

  • Lee Sharp in Tx House Dist 137 in Houston, garnered 18.5% in his 2020 race with Gene Wu (D) but this time racked up 24%!
  • Matt Savino in Tx House Dist 4 SW of Dallas, 22.7% this time vs. the 20.9 we got with our 2020 candidate.
  • Rhett Smith picked up 28.6% of the vote for Board of Education Dist. 8, vs the 26.6% we got in 2020.

These totals may seem modest, but if you look at the average spend we’re absolutely killing the opponents on a vote/dollar cost basis. Daniel McCarthy’s opponent spent over $3 per vote, while he spent around 1.2 cents!

If you would like to make a big difference in the next election please have a look at the calendar of events and plan to meet up with us, The Travis County LP, or by making a donation that we will put to excellent use!

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