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2022 County Convention Followup

by on March 12, 2022
Eric Guerra & Ted Brown

Travis County Libertarians held our County Convention on Saturday the 12th at Pioneer Farms in Austin.

Eric Guerra retired as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Travis County and was presented with a plaque to commemorate his service by new County Chair, Ted, who “was honored to be elected Chair of LPTravis for a two-year term.” About 30 Libertarians attended to conduct party business.

Nominated for Public Office to appear on this November’s ballot:

  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2 – Christopher David
  • State Representative, District 46 – Tom Kost
  • State Representative, District 48 – Dan McCarthy
  • State Representative, District 49 – David Roberson
  • State Representative, District 50 – Ted Brown
  • State Senator, District 14 – Pat Dixon

Delegates voted to amend the party bylaws to add two new officers to the Executive Committee: Vice-Chair and At-large Representative.

Elected County Party Officers for 2022-2024:

  • Chair – Ted Brown
  • Vice-Chair – Dan McCarthy
  • Secretary – Amy Gunkler
  • Treasurer – Diane Engel
  • At-large – Judith Ruder

Travis County was allotted 18 delegate positions at the upcoming state convention. Delegates elected are: Clark Patterson, Pat Dixon, Ted Brown, Mark Tippetts, Girish Altekar, Nancy Neale, Bill Kelsey, Steve Haskett, Art Dibianca, Mary Haskett, Geoffrey Neale, Tom Kost, Judith Ruder, Eric Guerra, Matthew Heflin, Sarah Heflin, John Ruder, and Diane Engel.

Alternates elected are: Peter Churchman, Chris Baker, David Roberson, Dan McCarthy, Daniel Hurley, Andrew Hohenstein, Jonathan Patschke, Brad Nielsen, Nathan Shepard, and Keith Bailey.

Thanks to new member Sarah Heflin for taking the photos. And thanks to those dedicated Libertarians who attended the convention to take care of important party business.

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