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TCLP Votes No on Prop A

by on September 29, 2021

The Travis County Libertarian Party has voted to oppose Proposition A (Prop A) on the Austin city ballot in November. This proposal would increase the number of police officers by as many as 500 to tie the number of officers to the city’s growing population. The cost could be as high as $54.3 to $119.8 million per year. The proposal requires 40 hours of additional officer training, but not for anything like de-escalation of tense situations instead of using massive violence. Prop A was placed on the ballot by a the citizen initiative Austinites for Prop A sponsored by Save Austin Now (SAN), a group co-founded by the chair of the Travis County Republican Party. The president of the Austin Police Association is on the group’s Board of Directors.

Libertarians believe in the need for police officers to investigate crimes with victims, such as murder, rape, robbery, fraud, etc. There is no evidence, however, that the new officers would be deployed any more effectively than the current officers, but they certainly would cost a lot of tax dollars to train and employ. The city budget is bloated already. Although all but one Austin City Council Member opposes Prop A, it would be amazing if the free-spending city council cuts out anything if it passes. More likely, it will just keep raising taxes as it does every year.

The Travis County Libertarian Party has endorsed the position held by Equity PAC’s No Way on Prop A. Please vote No on A and urge your friends and family to do the same. #NoWayPropA


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